Frequently Asked Questions

You can open your CapitalCore account by clicking on “Open an account” from “For Traders” Tab located  on top of the website’s home page, or simply by visiting this page here: Open an account with CapitalCore

Once you create your CapitalCore accout, You will have the option to create different trading accounts with different types from your Client Portal. Then you can access the trading platform for each of your trading accounts by choosing one through your Client Panel

There is no need for you to install any additional software, application or any other add-ons on your Mobile device. The Responsive and uniquely designed CapitalCore Platform will be automatically switch to Mobile Trading version once you access the platform from your mobile device using any browser, whether It’s an Android Device, IOS, Windows Phone or any other Mobile Platforms.

You will be able to deposit funds into your trading account through various available methods which are shown on Deposit Methods/Conditions, once you create your CapitalCore account and have access to your Client Portal You need to choose the Trading account you are willing to deposit funds to and follow its related procedure based on the method you choose. 

You can create demo accounts from your Client Portal if you are already registered and have an account with CapitalCore. You can also explore and check out our Trading platform features and environment even if you don’t have any accounts, through this link: Check out Our Trading Platform 

You can request a password reset by clicking on “Forgot Password” at your panel login page: Client Portal Login Page 

You can request withdrawal for the funds on each of your trading accounts from your client panel. after you request the withdrawal It will be processed and done after being checked by accounting team according to the broker’s payment, funding, refund and AML Policies. 

Please note that the Withdrawal process may take any time from 24 hours up to a week depends on the requested method. 

You can register an account with Capitalcore, without a need for verifying any documents; however to get access to every feature, you can verify your address, identity and phone number.

No, CapitalCore does not charge any form of commissions for opening, holding or closing a market order.

Login to your client portal, on left side of the screen on the toolbar, click on the “deposit” tab, select the trading account number, select the method of the deposit and enter the amount and put a tick in the terms and conditions box and another tick for the bonus box if you are planning on using the bonus. Click on “next” and proceed with the payment.

Wire transfer is not available at the moment.

PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, Perfect Money and MasterCard.

Yes, you can but PayPal is only available for fully verified clients.

Yes, you can receive a %40 bonus on each deposit, the maximum amount depends on your account type.

Minimum amount of deposit for Crypto methods, MasterCard and Perfect Money is $10 and for PayPal it’s $50.


Yes, visit this link to get more information on withdrawal fees.

You can withdraw as much as your equity minus your credit.

Please note that all withdrawals will be only paid to their source (where the deposit is coming from), and profits will be disbursed by cryptocurrency or E-wallet.

You can receive a %40 bonus on all account types. However each account type can hold a limited amount of credit (or bonus)
The maximum bonus we offer on:
“classic” accounts: $500,
“Silver” accounts: $1000,
“Gold” accounts: $1500,
“VIP” accounts: $2500.

No, bonus is added to your equity to support your open orders.

Bonus supports your open positions, when your balance drops to zero the bonus will be removed.

Yes, you will receive the bonus on each deposit until you will reach the maximum amount of received bonus.

No, we offer negative balance protection; By means of “Stop-out level” and “Margin call”.

A Margin Call is when your broker notifies you that your Margin Level has fallen below the required minimum level.
A Stop Out Level is when your Margin Level falls to a specific percentage (%) level in which one or all of your open positions are closed automatically “liquidated” by your broker (starting by the least profitable order).

This liquidation happens because the trading account can no longer support the open positions due to a lack of margin.

More specifically, the Stop Out Level is when the Equity is lower than a specific percentage of your Used Margin.

Yes, Classic, Silver, Gold and VIP. To see the differences and requirements for each account type, visit this link.

Yes, Gold, GoldEUR, Palladium, Plattinum, Silver and SilverEUR are offered.

Yes, of course. To see the available indices and other available assets click here.

No, it is forbidden.

A demo account is a sort of account provided by trading platforms that is funded with fake money and allows a potential client to test out the trading platform and its features before opting to set up a real account funded with the customer’s actual money.

Please be aware that it is not possible to change your email address, however we can make an exception for clients who do not have access to their email. Consequently, if you have access to your registered email address, we cannot change it; however, if you do not, please let us know so that we may look into the issue.

No, we cannot guarantee the profit for the positions closed less than 8 minutes.

The maximum leverage provided for traders in Capitalcore is 1:2000.

No, the market is closed on the weekends and you can not open any position on any assets; including encrypted assets (AKA Cryptocurrency).

News trading is considered a misuse in Capitalcore. 

Yes, you can hedge when trading with Capitalcore; you just need to follow some certain rules. 

Hedging is allowed, but please note that any intention of misusing this feature, such as hedging trades between two different accounts in order to misuse the credit or closing the trades by hedging for the purpose of scalping is prohibited at CapitalCore LLC and your account may be temporarily or permanently restricted.

Your leverage changes automatically to a lower leverage based on your balance; Allowed Max Leverage for each balance range is noted below:

1-999 -> 1:2000
1000-1999 -> 1:1000
2000-2999 -> 1:500
3000-4999 -> 1:400
5000-9999 -> 1:200
10000-25000 -> 1:100
Above 25000 -> 1:50

All of our accounts are swap-free or so called “Islamic”.

There are no fees, only the spread of the asset.

We are regulated by IFSA.

Of course, you can use an EA, but not arbitrage, news trader or Scalper EAs.

To open a real account, reading and accepting the terms and condition will suffice, there’s no need to sign any documents to open a real account.

No, our spreads are fixed.

The master password of the MetaTrader 5 platform allows you full access over your trading account. The investor (read-only) password provides limited access only and while using the investor password you will not be able to place any trades.

If you are buying currency, you are opening a ‘long’ position, if selling – ‘short’. For example, if you buy 1 lot of EUR/USD, it means you open a long position for 100,000 of EUR against USD. And if you sell 10 lots of USD/CAD that means you open short position for 1 million of USD versus CAD.

Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Precious metals and Currency pair, for more information click here.

No, we do not provide binary options.

The only trading platform offered is MT5, for different operating systems. you can download it Here.

No, the only trading platform that is provided in Capitalcore is Meta Trader 5 (AKA MT5).

The most common risk management tools in Forex trading are limit orders and stop loss orders. A limit order places restriction on the maximum price to be paid or the minimum price to be received. A stop loss order sets a particular position to be automatically liquidated at a predetermined price in order to limit potential losses should the market move against an investor’s position.

No, that is not possible. You are able to open up to 10 real accounts and choose a different plan for each one. Also, 20 demo accounts can be created under one registered email address.

No, the investor password provides read-only-access.

Oil trading is not available for now.

Sure, US client are welcome to CapitalCore.

Yes, we offer a free VPS service. You need to have a Silver, Gold or VIP account with a minimum balance of $1,000. To request for a VPS, service, if you have the requirements mentioned for receiving it, login to your client portal, on the left side of the page in the toolbar section click on “VPS Management” there you can submit a request for a free VPS service.

Login to your client portal, scroll down and click on the account number that you are going to make changes in. On the pop-up window click on setting tab, you will be able to change your leverage, as well as some other specifications.

You can hold 10 real accounts and 20 Demo accounts under the same registered email address.

Currency traders make decisions using both technical factors and economic fundamentals. Technical traders use charts, trend lines, support and resistance levels, and numerous patterns and mathematical analysis to identify trading opportunities, whereas fundamentalists predict price movements by interpreting a wide variety of economic information, including news, government-issued indicators and reports, and even rumors. The most dramatic price movements, however, occur when unexpected events happen. The event can range from a Central Bank raising domestic interest rates to the outcome of a political election or even an act of war. Nonetheless, more often it is the expectation of an event that drives the market rather than the event itself.

Unfortunately, there is.
The restricted countries are:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Iran, Kenya, Libya, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Russian Federation, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine, Zimbabwe.

Login to your client portal, on the first page your verification status is shown.

Login to your client portal, on the first page you can see the section dedicated to your verification status. Click on “Identity verification”, “Address verification” and “Phone verification to proceed for each item’s verification.

Verification can take up to 48 hours on working days.

Yes, after you have your account fully verified, you can use PayPal to deposit and withdraw.

National identity card, driver’s license and passport.

Utility bills (gas, telephone, water, electricity…), bank statement or credit card statement, note that the document used must be issued within the last six months, if not your address will not be verified.

To withdraw funds and to use some deposit methods, account verification is required.

Login to your client portal and click on “phone verification”. You can either verify your phone by SMS method or call verification.

Yes, you can. If you are in a rush to make a deposit and want to verify your account later, you can use Crypto methods or Perfect Money to make a deposit. Remember, to withdraw funds, later you will have to verify your account and certain methods such as PayPal cannot be used to deposit without verification.

If you have forgotten your MT5 password, you can change it using your client portal. In order to reset the master or investor password for your trading account, login to your client portal, scroll down and click on the account number, a window will pop up, click on the security tab and change the password and click on “Save changes”.

Yes you can. To do so login to your client portal, click on the account information, change any section that you wish to and click on “save information”.

On the top right corner of the main page in Capitalcore website click on the “Client portal” and login using your registered email address and the password you set upon registration.

Login to your client portal, scroll down and click on the green button that goes “New Real Account”, choose the desired account type and set the Investor/master password and click “submit”. Your new account is ready to go.

Login to your client portal, scroll down and click on the gray button that goes “New demo Account”, enter the amount type and set the Investor/master password and click “submit”. Your new demo account is created.

On the login page, click on forgot password and enter your registered email and click on “request”, a link will be sent to your email via which your password can be reset.

Please note that we do not have any “Commission Per Clients” or “Commission per registration” programs right now.
The only program available with Capitalcore LLC is the “Revenue Share” program, which pays you a percentage of the profits that your clients would bring for the company and you need to discuss it with Partnership department at [email protected]

No, that is called multi-accounting and is not accepted, if you have done so, please leave a ticket for the accounting team to remove the extra account.

Follow the steps below to download and install Capitalcore MT5 on your PC:
Click on Capitalcore MetaTrader 5 download link Here.
Run the “Capitalcore MT5.exe” file.
Enter your account login information.
You can open a new demo account directly from the platform too.
Begin trading.

On the MT5 platform you can trade all the instruments available at Capitalcore including Stock CFDs, Stock Indices CFDs, Forex and CFDs on Precious Metals.


Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, the 64-bit version of Windows 10 strongly recommended
Processor: with SSE2 support suitable for all modern CPUs (Pentium 4/Athlon 64 or higher)
Other hardware requirements depend on the specific platform use (e.g. load from running MQL5 applications, number of active instruments and charts)

STEP 1: Click Start → All Programs → MT5 → Uninstall

STEP 2: Follow the on-screen instructions until the Uninstall process finishes

STEP 3: Click My Computer → click Drive C or the root drive, where your operating system is installed → click Program Files → locate the folder Capitalcore MT5 and delete it

STEP 4: Restart your computer

Go to to the “Tools” menu in the upper toolbar and select “History Center”. The quotes are downloaded automatically in MetaTrader 5. Double-click to choose a trading instrument and timeframe. Click “Download”.

In order to close the position you need to tap “Close position” in its context menu on the “Trade” tab. Once you tap “Close by Market”, the position will be completely closed.

On the MT4 Client Terminal, the balance is displayed in the Terminal window under the Trade tab. On the MT5, the Balance can be seen in the Toolbox under the Trade tab.

  1. Tap in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you can delete all objects from the chart.
  2. Swipe from right to left on the object line. To remove an object, use the “Delete” button that appears.

on the top panel of the chart or in the radial menu. If the chart has no indicators, a list of available indicators will open. The selected indicator will be applied to the active chart window. next to the required window to go to the list of available indicators.

You can upload indicator files through the CLI in Check Point CSV format and other CSV formats, and in STIX XML (STIX 1.0) format.

To apply a template to a chart, select the required file at the bottom of the menu or click “Load Template” to open a template from any other folder. To remove a template, click “Remove Template” in the Charts menu or the context menu of the chart.

The MT4 and MT5 can’t run using the identical programming languages. Hence, experts coded to work on the MT4 won’t work on the MT5, making the scene difficult.

  1. To go to the indicators management section, tap. when viewing a chart or execute the “Indicators” command of the context menu.
  2. To add an indicator, tap on the header of the chart screen, for example, “Main chart”.
  3. A tap on the chart screen header opens a tab, from which an indicator can be selected.

Use “AutoTrading” on the toolbar (and a similar option in Options — Expert Advisors) enables/disables automated trading in the platform. If you turn it off, automated trading is disabled for all Expert Advisors even if you enable automated trading individually in the Expert Advisors settings.

The world’s most popular forex trading platform MetaTrader 5 is now available on iPhone and iPad free of charge. With the MetaTrader 5 iPhone, you can control your account, trade in the financial markets, and use technical indicators for market analysis. to download MT5 for different trading platforms, check the link Here.

MetaTrader 5 platform offers flexible and seamless trading of forex stocks, futures and CFDs. It provides beginner traders with real-time access to the asset prices. However, it can take some time to learn how to trade with MT5, and hence, it is best to start with a demo account first.

MetaTrader 5 is a relatively safe platform, using data encryption and extended authentication to protect client information from hackers. With that said, it’s impossible to guarantee the security of any online platform. Also, trading by its very nature is risky, so do not risk more than you can afford to lose.

Long-tap on a position in order to call the context menu and select the Close By option. Choose a position and tap “Close”. During the Close By operation, an order of the “close by” type is placed. The tickets of the positions to close are specified in the order comment.

 Leverage involves borrowing a certain amount of the money needed to invest in something. In the case of forex, money is usually borrowed from a broker. Capitalcore does offer high leverage in the sense that for an initial margin requirement, a trader can build up—and control—a huge amount of money.

The forex spread is the difference between a forex broker’s sell rate and buy rate when exchanging or trading currencies. Spreads can be narrower or wider, depending on the currency involved. You can check the spread on different trading instruments in the link Here.

At Instant Execution, the broker sends a requote (repeated request) with new quotes. The trader decides whether he wants to buy currency at this price or not. At Market Execution, a transaction is executed immediately at a changed price without confirmation of the trader.

Our main source of revenue comes from the market spread. In effect, you pay a little more for the buy price, and receive a little less for the sell price. For example, if EUR/USD is trading in the market at 1.1164, our 1.5-point spread means it would have a buy price of 1.11645 and a sell price of 1.01630.

If you have questions about your trades and/or orders and/or accounts, we are happy to assist you. Below is information that will help guide you in this process.

To contact support department:

Use our live chat service at bottom right side of the screen, or make a ticket from your “Client Portal”. you can also send an email to: Email: “[email protected]”. just note that you should send the email via your registered email address. The other way to contact us is to send us at skype: “support.capitalcore”. Phone call is also available, you can find our phone numbers Here