Trading account types

Accounts Classifications

There are four account types with CapitalCore, each having its own different specifications and requirements, so that every trader at any level of expertise and capital, will be able to choose one to trade through.

It’s worth to say that you will have the opportunity to trade forex pairs, stocks, metals and indices on all four account types right after funding your account. To see the different facilities and specification of each account type,  in order to make the right decision about the type of account you want to register for, you can take a look at the comparison table below;  All the limitations, benefits and requirements for each account type has been listed below.

Plan Max leverage Stop out Max positions Max Credit Min deposit Bonus Max Lot size
Classic 1:2000 30% 10 $ 500 $ 10 Yes 1
Silver 1:1000 30% 20 $ 1,000 $ 1,000 Yes 10
Gold 1:200 10% 100 $ 1,500 $ 5,000 Yes 100
VIP 1:100 10% 30 $ 2,500 $ 10,000 Yes 20

Capitalcore wants to make trading easier and more efficient for you. For this purpose, Capitalcore offers a 40% bonus on each deposit. Bonus assists in the improvement of new trading strategies and goals. By increasing your buying power, you’ll be able to test and engage in the next level of trading, with faster decision-making and more profit possibilities.