About us

What Is Capitalcore?

Capitalcore is a reliable platform that offers its users exceptional trading services, regardless of their trading preferences. If you are interested in trading Pairs on the Forex market, CapitalCore can provide you with the necessary tools and resources to make informed decisions and execute profitable trades. On the other hand, if you have a good understanding of market movements and want to predict the next market movement through Binary Options available on the website, CapitalCore can also assist you with their advanced trading platform. The platform is user-friendly, providing access to a wide range of trading instruments and analysis tools that can help you maximize your profits. With CapitalCore, you can be sure that you will receive the best trading services available in the industry, making your trading experience seamless and profitable.

What Would We Offer You As a Trader?

One of our initial intents of running this broker was the fact that traders generally have to settle for what is offered by the companies and brokers, getting trapped in a broker for years for the limited services and trading opportunities that they offer, just because of the difficulty to change due to the trust that has been established during these years between them and the broker, which is understandable, but we had to do something about it, to show to our clients that there could be somewhere to trust, somewhere that has the widest trading opportunities and service they can imagine.

What Would We Offer You As a Non-Trader?

Not all the brokers were always a place for these business newcomers, asking their customers to have solid skills in the trading field, before they even allow them to have an account with them.

However, it can minimize the risk of losing funds and capitals for those who are not familiar with this profession, but will take the opportunity from them to enter this profitable market at the same time!

Capitalcore” has done it in its right way, we have designed demo trading accounts for those who are not ready for the real game yet, for them to train their skills and have realistic perspective of what they are working with, thanks to the precise results that they can get out of the demo trading facility, being exactly like they’re trading with a real account on the real market conditions, it can also give professional traders an opportunity to test any new trading strategy before hitting the real market.

Our main Goal and approach

We have realized that every trader can get even more out of trading if they choose the right service and broker, because that’s where all the things are going through and that’s where the journey really begins, it’s your absolute right to have the best services and the least barriers when you’re executing your orders. For example, with “Capitalcore”, you are not even required to pay any commissions for opening your trades, which is something rare among the trading platforms, and you as trader better know what it means to pay nothing while opening a trade!

Our main goal is to help traders and investors to really get the most out of the career they have chosen, and we will do our best to facilitate this important matter for our customers.