How to start?

The Very First Step

Your very first step to start trading with CapitalCore is to determine whether you are going to open a real account off the bat and start earning real profits using real money, or you don’t actually consider yourself that experienced to jump into the real game as you don’t know markets that much, or haven’t even traded in such markets before, then you may want to open a demo account that Capital Core provides its customers with, in order to get familiar with our trading platform, different market behaviors and know how to use all the provided tools to maximize your earnings.                                      

Opening an account

After you decided whether to open a real or demo account, its time to go through a very simple procedure to open an account with CapitalCore, which has been really simplified for the customers, because we value your time and your opportunities ahead of you and we absolutely don’t want to take it from you by wasting your time with a complicated registration process.

You can even use your social media accounts to register super quick with CapitalCore, only your basic information will be obtained and the required fields will be auto filled, the accounts you can use with CapitalCore registration are your Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and Twitter accounts.  

You can open your Real or Demo accounts here:

One Portal – Multiple trading accounts

Whether you are going to demo trading using a demo account, or trading live in the real market, you only need to go through a single registration process, then you can have multiple accounts in your portal for your different trading needs, as simple as clicking on a button!

The same applies to your Forex and Binary options trading, you do not need to open different accounts to switch between These two types of trading, you have already been provided with both Forex and Binary Options trading platforms enabled on your trading platform that you create through your portal.

Even though, you’re not required to have multiple trading accounts, and you can have all the trading options available with a single trading account that you need to create once you register and have your portal, but you still need to know your trading needs and choose the right account type to open, that suits your needs the most.

There are four accounts types that you can open in your portal, which all of them includes Forex and Binary Options but some of them with some more benefits and requirements as well.

You can see the differences and compare them by visiting this page: