Why Capitalcore

Why should you trade with CapitalCore? 

When we first decided to establish a trading platform, we were not looking for only running another regular one, but to provide something that traders couldn’t find in other platforms! And to be able to play a big role in this industry that could meet the needs of those who have always been looking for the best, but had to settle with a few options that had been provided!

And that’s why we have used the best staff and tools available to provide the best trading facilities. Because we are not just another brokerage, we did our best to provide a solution to our customers’ problems.

We know the best, that the most important part of a business is its customers and every attempt that results in customer dissatisfaction would be a vain attempt.

Our customers are our legacy and reputation, so we had no way, other than providing a Flawless and unobtrusive trading platform to prove it right. Then if you’re looking for an answer to the question above, please check out some of the CapitalCore advantages below.




Some of the Unique Advantages of CapitalCore”


Nonstop 24/7 trading and support – even over the weekends 

With CapitalCore, trading is not just limited to 5 days a week as it is with many other brokers. If you choose to trade on any assets on which a 24/7 feed is available, such as cryptocurrencies, then honored to say there’s really no limit for you to trade over the weekends as well as during the weekdays.

Also, a 24/7 support is always available who you can reach out to, in the case you had any questions about your whole experience with CapitalCore, from registration to withdrawing. The support staff will make sure that there’s no problem in any field and you have a smooth experience trading with us.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods? You name it! 

The first step to start trading with any broker or provider is definitely to transfer your funds to them. For your money to be available and ready to be invested in your desired asset in order to take the profit, the key is to have the opportunity to deposit funds and start trading anytime through the most convenient way at the time because the trading opportunities won’t wait for you that long!

We always do our best to provide you with all the deposit gateways available, through various channels and methods from which you can choose the one that suites you the best. this would make it a lot easier for you to deposit at any time or any place, in order not to miss your trading opportunities.

Also on the other hand, we best know that the most important part of your trading may be the profits you earn, and even more important, their way out of the broker to your own possession on your personal fund accounts. CapitalCore Finance team always makes sure that the both contemporary and classic funding and withdrawal methods are available at your service in the shortest and most secure possible way.

Start-off with Demo trading, a great opportunity for all

Are you planning to paper trade before real trading so that you can test your methods and our platform? We have designed a demo account which provides our customers with the opportunity to experience the exact environment of a real account with the exact same features and tools but only with virtual money used to fund the trades instead of real money, Eliminating the risk of any loss but still showing the client all the ins and outs of our platform and make newcomers ready for the real game. 

Up to 95% payout 

One of the most important factors, when choosing you binary broker to trade through, absolutely is the rate of payouts they offer, when the order is closed at the option expiry. Due to the basics of options trading, you know the fact that all the profits out of your options trading come from the payout you receive when the option deal is closed at its expiry time. Regarding your option order, whether it is a call, put or any other type of options, there is always a payout based on your investment or nothing if the market moves against your option. But you need to know that how much profit are you risking your investment for, that’s what minimize your risk and make it more reasonable as the payout percentage goes higher, now guess what? With CapitalCore, you can get up to 95% payout on your investment volume when your order is closed in profit, which is stupendously high and rarely offered by any broker.

Trading platform packed with features and tools but simple!

The ease of use, simplicity and convenience should be the most important features of any successful trading platform, for traders to focus on their trades and not be distracted with unnecessary details around them. to clarify about what was said above, we believe that analysis tools and features are absolutely essential for any professional trading platform

We have tried our best to provide you with a platform that not only gives you the market prediction, market analysis and  features and tools you need for your trading, but also one that is simple and user-friendly at the same time.

Good for both novices and professionals

We know that all our clients have not necessarily had experienced binary options trading or any other trading markets, as we know there are professionals among them that need their trading platform to be as advanced as possible. Fortunately, the way that both CapitalCore Client portal and its trading platform are designed, made them such facilities that would fulfill both novices and professionals needs and expectations.