Privacy Policy


1.1. “Capitalcore”, is a international company, which receives information such as personal details, electronic addresses, financial information and any other technical, personal or financial information from the customers in order to facilitate their payments, deposits and trading with the broker, whether on the company’s website or its online trading platform.

1.2.   We at “Capitalcore” are focused on maintaining and preserving your privacy.  This privacy policy is intended to educate you about how we gather and handle some personal information, which is classified as details about a Client.

1.3.  “Capitalcore” goes to great lengths to ensure that its clients’ anonymity, confidentiality, and protection are protected both before and after their interactions with the firm, to the greatest degree possible.



2.1.  Without our clients’ express, written consent, “Capitalcore” will never disclose any sensitive or private information about our customers whether they are active or inactive regardless of their relation and accounts’ status with the Company, to external parties, unless disclosure is required by law.

2.2.   The customers agree to provide us with real, up-to-date, and reliable facts about themselves. They must also claim conclusively that they are registering and operating (trading) under their own real identity (name) and that they are not attempting to behave in some way that may be construed as dishonest, nor are they attempting to impersonate any other people for any purpose at all.

2.3.   “Capitalcore” goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of its clients’ personal records, including implementing data security protocols to guarantee consumer privacy. Capitalcore maintains that the data security program is modified on a regular basis to ensure that sensitive customer information is still protected.

2.4.   Once customers register with “Capitalcore”, they agree that they are able to exchange some private details with the corporation, that we are using to verify the customer’s identity and ensure the protection of their funds and trading account. This data is gathered in accordance with our strict authentication protocols, which are used to prevent international money laundering and guarantee the confidentiality and protection of our customers’ financial activities at all times.

2.5.  Customers affirm and agree that by registering with “Capitalcore” and engaging in transactions with products and services that the company provides, they agree to the use of any or part of the data they provide in regard to their Capitalcore’s trading account, the activities they conduct through it, and the financial interactions they have with the company. Any communications that a customer has with the firm may be recorded and can be used by the company in related events.

2.6.  The Company’s methods of collecting data include the receiving and storing clients’ voluntarily released information as exchanged with the firm, as well as the use of cookies to capture data on how clients communicate with the Capitalcore platform. All information obtained by the company is exchanged only with internal members of the company a who need this information only in order to facilitate services for the customers or maintenance purposes and those who are associated with verifying of customer account details for the sole purpose of protecting the customer’s privacy, security and protection.

2.7. Despite the fact that “Capitalcore” always does its best to protect the customers’ personal information, financial details, and any documents that they may provide the company with for its verification procedure, the customer agrees that in the event of any security breaches, information leakage, or any other type of data loss, the customer accepts full responsibility and the company is not liable for any probable damages that may occur to the customer.



3.1. The company reserves the right to add, change, or delete the whole or sections of this privacy policy at any time in order to make sure that the details included herein contain accurate and sufficient information about how Capitalcore’s data collection actually works for our customers and even potential customers to take into consideration before they open an account with  “Capitalcore”.