Refund and Return Policy


The “CapitalCore LLC” Refund and Return scheme is implemented to reduce the Company’s regulatory and monetary liabilities, Since the Company uses a variety of payment solutions and payment processing providers to process funds transfers and deposits into customers’ CapitalCore accounts.

If there have been no trade transactions in the Client’s trading account for a specific period since the deposit, the Business has the ability to refund the deposits amount to the sender if necessary.

The Customer should know that all Deposits and withdrawals from a CapitalCore account can only be made from/to an account or wallet under the Customer’s name. To deter third-party transfers, the Company has implemented all possible controls. If a third party transfer any funds to the Customer’s account by any way, “CapitalCore LLC” will return the funds to the source, less any transaction fees and other costs incurred by the Company.


The Broker reserves the right to refund all funds collected from Customers through any payment processor, where applicable, the payout would be made with the same account, card, or e-wallet as the Customer used to make the deposit. When making a deposit to a brokerage account with the Company, a customer agrees not to ask a bank or a card provider to reverse the funds that are already credited to their trading account before and after using the Company’s services without notifying the Broker, which will be considered as a fraud action against the company.

In the event that such Chargeback request is received, the Company reserves the right to disable access to the Customer’s trading account, hold the client’s balance, take applicable legal actions against him or returning deposited funds to the Customer by deducting all the fees incurred to the company as a result of this action.


3.1.  The Company reserves the right to add, change, or delete the whole or sections of this “Refund and Return Policy” at any time in order to make sure that the details included herein contains accurate and sufficient information about how CapitalCore manages Refunds, for our Customers and even potential Customers to take into consideration before they open an account with “CapitalCore LLC”.